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I have always been a crafty soul.

Like most people during the pandemic, I was gifted a pause on life, a time to sit and think about where I would like to go from this moment forwards. Over the years I’ve dabbled with lots of different creative pursuits. One thing I remember enjoying from a young age, was my Dad’s black and white photos, he was a hobby photographer amongst other things. I loved that the subject in a black and white photograph is beyond beautiful, it doesn’t matter about the fabric packaging or the skin-deep beauty. I feel like I see inside a person when they are stripped back to black and white.

After a short course in a visual art, I fell into lino printing, one piece and I was hooked. The precision of the mark making, how natural it feels to take a photo image and translate onto my unique carving is addictive. I can lose myself in my cosy home studio, the muffled sounds of kids playing in the background or soothing bedtime music, while I float through the motions of my current carving, watching as the image organically unfolds in front of me.

My excitement peaks when I roll thick black ink across a carved block for the first time. Every line suddenly feels vibrant and full of feeling.


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